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Claim additional relief through SA?

Teachers pension contribution

hi all I just want to check in case I am missing something.

teacher pays into teachers pension scheme salary circa £40k with 4K pension contributions.

other income takes total income into the higher rate of tax to £60k

so the pension contributions would go into the tax return to extend the basic rate band to save tax at the higher rate? 

Many thanks 


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24th May 2018 00:11

Depends if contributions were net or gross. Last time I checked for a teacher I know, it was from gross pay, therefore no additional tax relief was due

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By PBH64
to Carl London
24th May 2018 09:12

The net pay arrangements give marginal rate relief. The contributions come off before the taxable pay is calculated.

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24th May 2018 09:15

You don't necessarily need a SA return for this.

Check the position and make a claim by letter.

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