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Claim CIS refund for past year

HMRC online form forces me to ASA account

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I'm trying to use HMRC's form for online claim for past year CIS refund. They force me onto ASA account, which of course makes no mention of CIS.
Is there any other way of claiming CIS refund online?

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By lionofludesch
17th Jan 2020 12:15

What have you been attempting ?

The LC form ?

I used this for the 2018/19 overpayment and it was grand.

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By adf2410
17th Jan 2020 13:00

If you're trying to claim for a limited company, then I had the same problem as you. I think the solution was to go and find the link to the form again, then log in with my ASA credentials, which took me to the form.

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By Moonbeam
17th Jan 2020 13:45

Thank you. @adf2410 - I couldn't find the link you show when I got into my ASA account, so gave up and am just about to post a letter.
Ah ha - I see you're saying use ASA credentials when logging in from the form itself to begin with. That would probably throw up the link you show.
Frankly there's no danger of them rushing to do anything no matter how I contact them, but it's annoying that everything is so very difficult.
I'll try that option next time.

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By Moonbeam
17th Jan 2020 13:48

Here's the reply I just received from HMRC after I complained I couldn't access form:

Log into ASA account with their ASA creds using link :

• WITHOUT logging out, paste this address into the that tabs search bar

• You should then be able to access form as usual

SO WHY DON'T THEY GIVE US THIS INFORMATION UP FRONT? It's too much fun watching us chasing our tails of course.

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