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Claim mileage for trip to work out of coffee shop?

Director/Sole employee, programmer, office is home, can I claim mileage to work out of coffee shop?

I'm the director and sole employee of my company.  I do programming projects (websites, apps) that make money usually through advertising.

My primary office is home, but I do like most days to also work out of a coffee shop or two or I go stir crazy.  Can I claim the mileage for the trip to the coffee shop given that the entirety of the time is spent programming on my laptop and it is not an official or permenant place of work?  I do not meet up with clients or customers here.


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22nd Feb 2018 14:43

On the basis of what you say, I would suggest to you that the purpose of your journey is to buy coffee.

The fact that you work there whilst sussling it is not really relevant.

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By thomas
22nd Feb 2018 14:56

I'm not sure you meet the criteria of 'wholly, exclusively and necessarily for the purposes of the business'. I'd say no way!!!

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By mrme89
22nd Feb 2018 15:12

You possibly have a permanent workplace and if the company pays you mileage, it may be taxable pay. Deductible for the company computing its CT, however.

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22nd Feb 2018 16:15

If you get yourself a proper PC with (at least) three screens you'll quickly find you are more productive and don't want to go to the coffee shop to work on a single titchy-tiny laptop screen. Problem solved!

Oh, and the answer is "no" to your question.

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22nd Feb 2018 16:30

How far away is this coffee shop ?

Are we talking bigbucks or bigbuttons?

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22nd Feb 2018 20:22

"Claim" means what? Get the company to pay for it? It's probably simpler not to.

But if you want to do a bit of spare-time reading to see why I say that, have a look at (note that references to "employee" includes "director" (this is as per s1298(5)(a) CTA 2009)). You might want to read some of the previous pages of the BIM too.

EDIT: sorry I was addressing a question you did not ask - about the cost of the coffee. It's much the same answer though.

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23rd Feb 2018 11:28

Why do so many people's lives seem to revolve around buying coffee from coffee shops these days?

I don't know how you can think straight in them. Kept mums yacking about their latest phone, IFAs selling toxic products, recruiters soft soaping their latest catch....

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to AnnAccountant
23rd Feb 2018 11:33

It's cheaper than going to the zoo.

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to AnnAccountant
23rd Feb 2018 11:49

Joanne Rowling didn't do so badly.

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to lionofludesch
23rd Feb 2018 12:16

And to connect the above two posts, one of the cafes believed to have been used is "The Elephant House " though the other, Nicolsons is no more and I think is now called Spoon, so no animal connection there.

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