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Claiming CJRS in advance.

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I amy be wrong but I recall reading something saying you could make claims for CJRS before the end of the period but only for periods in the near future. I can't remember the words verbatim. This is to allow the company to have the funds available to pay staff before thier pay date, which is fine if they are paid weekly. My reading of this is that at todays date I can make a claim for monthly payrolls to the 30/4 as by time the money is received it will be 29/4.

Am I correct in my understanding of this and if this is the case what is a reasonable period to claim in advance?

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By rob winder
21st Apr 2020 10:37

For any one that's interested the answer is 14 days as per
"Employers can submit claims 14 days ahead which means that if a monthly pay period involves paying salary on the last day of the month, employers can submit their claims 14 days beforehand and presumably therefore receive the payment from HMRC 4-6 days later and still have it several days before pay day."

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