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Claiming EU Import Vat - US to EU

How the Vat procedure works for a UK company shipping goods from US to EU.


We are looking at shipping goods (which we will own and lease) from the US to the EU. To get the goods in to the EU country my assumption is that there will be import vat to pay in exactly the same wasy as there would be importing the goods in to the UK.

For the UK it is straight forward. Our agent pays the vat, then invoices us and we reclaim from HMRC with a C79.

So what is the procedure re the EU. Again, our agent will pay the import vat and then invoice us. But how do we claim it back? Normally we would claim the vat back via the EU Online refunds portal, but for that we need an invoice from an EU supplier with their foreign vat number.

Can anyone help with this please?



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