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Claiming JRS for holiday paid - for a leaver

Claiming JRS for holiday paid - for a leaver

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Forgive simple question, and poss a repeat, although I have looked at every question in last 4 days and the same question hasn't been asked.

Two employees are being made redundant, following last three months of furlough, and I'm looking what can be claimed back under JRS. I know the redundancy element can't be claim back.

C - was paid £2,600 gross per month before lockdown and we've claimed back 80% accordingly each month. The payslip for June shows in round sums £1,000 furlough pay (itself 80%) and notice pay of £1,800 (100% rate). There is also unused holiday pay of £750. Can I count the holiday pay and claim back 80% of it. (in general). Or am I limited to £2,600 gross as that was the pay in Feb 2020 and every month before. I think the answer is I can't claim back the hols because the max claim is £2,600 (gross)

R - was paid £2,700 a month before lockdown etc etc, ie £2,080 net claimed. Ignore NIC and pension. His June payslip shows furlough pay of £1,000 (80%), notice pay of £600 and unused hol pay of £600.  Can I claim back the hols pay? If so then the claim would 800 plus 480 + 480 = £1,760 which is less than the previous claims of £2,080.

Sorry for waffle. It's hot and there's only so much guidance via google I can take!


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By coops456
26th Jun 2020 11:35

I would agree with your conclusions.

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Replying to coops456:
By HeavyMetalMike
26th Jun 2020 12:35

Thanks. I'll claim back the hols pay up to the limit of Feb pay then.

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