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Claiming VAT back on expenses incurred when in ROI

Claiming VAT back on expenses incurred whilst in Republic of Ireland

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Can a UK based company claim VAT back on expenses incurred whilst in the Repiblic of Ireland?

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By Accountant A
10th Oct 2019 15:15

The best way is to engage an accountant and not post anonymously contrary to the rules of the site (reproduced below for your convenience).

"Please note that posting as an anonymous user is reserved for sensitive content that you need help with but don't want people to know who you are.

However, it will also mean that other users will not be able to get in touch with you or see your history on the site and therefor might not be as willing to provide you with a reply.

Any abuse of the ability to publish anonymously will not be tolerated and offending users will be banned from AccountingWEB."

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By lionofludesch
10th Oct 2019 19:51

The answer is maybe.

Depends what it is.

But you can't just stick it on your UK VAT return. You have to claim it from the Irish Revenue.

Your accountant will help. If you don't have one, good luck with your claim.

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By Matrix
10th Oct 2019 20:07

Do you mean on their UK VAT return? No, unfortunately not.

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