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Claiming VAT on petrol without receipts

Can we claim VAT on petrol without receipts

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Hi all.

My client didn't keep his petrol receipts, however the purchase of petrol is recorded in the bank statement.

Can I use the bank statement to claim VAT?

Because common sense tells me that any petrol supplier would be VAT registered, and we all know petrol is vatable...

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By Les Howard
02nd Oct 2019 11:16

Can you claim input tax without having an invoice?
This note explains HMRC's discretion:

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By SXGuy
02nd Oct 2019 13:11

No. Logic doesn't dictate what you can or can't do.

I'd considering that a) you'd already know the answer if it was really your client and b) you posted anonymously id guess it's you who's lost your own receipts.

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By stepurhan
02nd Oct 2019 13:15

How many other things do petrol stations sell these days? How do you distinguish the purchase of a coffee, some magazines, a bunch of snack food and some flowers for the wife from a petrol purchase?

I don't think having payments to petrol suppliers on a bank statement is as cut and dried as you think.

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Replying to stepurhan:
By LadySussex
02nd Oct 2019 14:07

Totally agreed! Nothing to add.

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Replying to stepurhan:
Hallerud at Easter
02nd Oct 2019 14:16

Petrol station flowers; shame on you.

(Presume the cut and dried is re the appearance of the flowers after 48 hours)

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Replying to stepurhan:
By Accountant A
02nd Oct 2019 15:08


How many other things do petrol stations sell these days?

Gentleman's special interest periodicals - err, so I am told.

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By Roland195
02nd Oct 2019 14:26

I would suggest that if the total expenditure on the alleged payments for fuel is in line with expectations for the particular business then HMRC are unlikely to object to this, especially if it can be demonstrated that proper receipts have been kept for the subsequent periods.

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