Class 1A NI payment slip 2018/19

Incorrect information sent to client

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We've just received a 2018/19 Class 1A payment notice addressed to one of our clients P30B(CL1A Inter).

Nothing odd about that, except we don't do their payroll or P11D and never have - everything goes straight to the client. The sub heading on the page is a completely different company. None of the employer references, accounts office etc., relate to our client. I assume they are for the other company.

HMRC just say 'if it doesn't relate to our client - send it back'. But I'm wondering if this is a one off or if HMRC have a bigger mix up on their hands. GDPR nightmare! Anyone else had similar correspondence or just me?

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By Wanderer
02nd May 2019 09:35

Yet another case displaying HMRC incompetence in their systems.
Another one of many systemic errors that are constantly being discovered / discussed on AWeb.

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By SXGuy
02nd May 2019 11:55

I keep receiving letters from HMRC regarding underpaid income tax of about £70 for someone, who I have no idea, as theres no client name or reference on the letter, just an NI number I cant match up with anyone.

Looks like a call will be needed, but how I get round security checks with just an random NI I have no idea.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By Annetax
10th May 2019 10:50

If it's anything like mine they refuse to talk to you because you don't have authorisation for the mystery client. Despite the fact you have all their private details in front of you courtesy of HMRC!
I was told to send it back to them but that's time and cost for me for their error.

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By Matrix
02nd May 2019 16:32

I haven’t been reading all the P11D post which normally they send out and then send reminders on top of all the payroll letters and booklets they sent a few months ago. There is obviously a big stationery budget for employers payroll at HMRC.

It is worrying since one day I will miss the contents of a brown envelope when I actually have to do something.

But it is a good spot on your part, maybe send it back if you can be bothered and see if it is actioned or if you get the same thing next year.

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By Annetax
10th May 2019 10:46

Just had a further Class 1A payment slip. Headed to the same client as before but this time with a different second company's details!
What is going on?!?!?

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