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Class 1A NIC - Payment reference question

Different reference on HMRC payslips

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Good afternoon all.

A quick and hopefully easy question for you all.

I have always advised clients that when they pay their Class 1A NIC that the payment reference is their 13 digit Accounts Office reference plus 4 digits (i.e. 18-19 would be 1913). I've never had any issues in the past.

This is confirmed in the bold bordered box on the middle of the Class 1A NIC payslip letter. However the reference plastered all over the actuall payslip has an additional 'A' after the 17 digit reference?!?

Is this a Revenue error or can a payment be made using either reference?

Thanks in advance.

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By lionofludesch
21st May 2019 14:56

I noticed that myself. I dunno and no-one's tested it as yet. I suppose my answer would be if the 17 digit reference was strictly 17 digit, I'd drop the A and if I could fit in 18 digits, I'd stick the A on the end.

The important thing is to get it in the right year.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By We're_all_mad_here
21st May 2019 15:29


Yes all very strange. HMRC's site specifically says that the reference should be a 17 digit reference so that is what I am going to tell clients (until HMRC tell me otherwise)

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Replying to We're_all_mad_here:
By lionofludesch
21st May 2019 15:32

The only client of mine who has paid sent a cheque for £69.

Which is the bottom line, fail safe answer.

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By DonDan
21st May 2019 16:16

Looking at the payslips we have here, the reference on the detachable payslip has the additional A but the section above the payslip says "if you pay by phone, internet or BACS use the full reference shown below" and then has the expected 17 digit version.

I think all of my clients pay via phone/internet so i'll carry on using the normal 17 digit version

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