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class 2 NI not been paid for years, what to do?

Class 2 NI not been paid, what to do

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please don't shout at me, SA is not my area.  Just helped a friend do their 18/19 SA Online and noticed their class 2 liability was at zero.  It seems HMRC know they are self employed for tax and class 4, but not for class 2.  Self employment began in 2015, which I gather is when the system for class 2 changed from dds, it seems they've fallen through the gaps. The option to fix it took us to a form to register as self employed, which I backed away from as they are clearly already registered.   They are happy to pay the class2 for the missing years, what is the best way to sort this out with HMRC ?  I'm hoping to avoid fines....

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By Matrix
29th Dec 2019 19:26

Your friend can call the NI helpline tomorrow to sort it out. I think you can go back up to 6 years.

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Replying to Matrix:
By mumpin
30th Dec 2019 12:06

I thought that if Class 2 wasn't paid by the following 31st January then it was cancelled. Thus leaving Class 3 as the only option to make up missing years' contributions. Class 3 being much more costly.

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Replying to mumpin:
By kenny achampong
30th Dec 2019 13:56

I think Class 2 NI can be paid if it's not paid before 31 Jan. They just send an SA302, with a link to how to pay it, which doesnt work, and a phone number to call, that they don't answer. I did manage to arrange it for one person last year, presumably by calling the normal NI phone number, not their dud one.

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Replying to mumpin:
By K81
02nd Jan 2020 13:07

I believe this is only if the class 2 is voluntary.

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By SXGuy
30th Dec 2019 07:59

There are no fines...

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