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Class 2 NIC 19/20

Is it 52 or 53 weeks?

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I know it is a minor concern at the moment but can anyone clarify the amount for class 2 NIC for 19/20?
I thought we were in a 52 week year but "information to help you with your tax return" is showing £159, so £3 x 53

Thanks in advance

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By John Stone
07th Apr 2020 10:01

I put some figures through the HMRC tax calculation process yesterday. Class 2 amount was £159 (not £156).

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Replying to John Stone:
By CazzyT
07th Apr 2020 10:07

Thank you.
I will go with £159 otherwise I can imagine every calculation getting amended and sent back by HMRC!

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By susieq
07th Apr 2020 10:08

yes 53 weeks. I couldn't understand why my manual calculation was coming out £3 different. Doh!

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By lionofludesch
07th Apr 2020 10:10

41 weeks for me.

I stopped paying in January.

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