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Class 4 NIC

Paying class 4 ??

Should I just pay some class 4 nic or reduce it to zero by claiming more AIA? 


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21st Oct 2018 23:37

Oh reduce it definitely. That way you can put the money towards getting a life.

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22nd Oct 2018 00:48

I disagree with Tim. Pay some - just not as much.

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22nd Oct 2018 09:01

It's a personal choice.

Just remember you're only getting 9% relief on your expenditure.

9% now, maybe 29% later. Or maybe not. That's your choice.

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22nd Oct 2018 14:36

You get nothing in return for paying Class 4, so why would you pay it if there is no obligation. This was due to change, with Class 4 replacing Class 2 as the basis of benefit entitlement, but the NI reform has been shelved (it may be resurrected, but probably not until 2020 at the earliest, but probably not at all because it creates more problems than it solves by 'simplification'). If your CAs will be worth more in future years, why waste them now? Are other considerations relevant, though? Tax credit entitlements if your income is that low? Other social security benefits?

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