Clearance letters for VAT only

Would you need to send a clearance letter if a client is moving to you for VAT only?

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Client has joined from another firm for us to manage their VAT affairs only. Questioning the need for a clearance letter or whether to simply send the digital handhsake. 

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By Open all hours
01st Nov 2023 18:19

Personally, yes because I’d appreciate the same. Only done it once to a one man band who didn’t have the courtesy to reply but I still think it’s the right thing.

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By stepurhan
01st Nov 2023 21:35

If the previous firm was dealing with the VAT affairs, definitely.

I would question why a client would only move their VAT affairs though.

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By adam.arca
02nd Nov 2023 13:06

Would agree with both of previous comments.

If the current accountants don't handle the VAT, a letter should still be sent but more as a courtesy than a clearance issue.

I would advise thinking long and hard about taking on this work. I've done it myself a couple of times when I was young and foolish but you'll very likely be setting yourself up for a fall.

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