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Clearbooks yodlee - how to sell to clients.

Bank streaming - asking clients to use

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I've spent the last year getting myself au fait with Clearbooks and now feel a bit more confident enough to go further than just asking clients to send their bank statements in csv format.

Some still leave it to the last minute for the VAT returns so I am looking at using the Yodlee integration.

But I'm a bit shy of just telling clients - they may think I'm being permitted to get into their account.

How did you ask clients? I dont want the process as I can get that from Clearbooks just advice as to how you put the system in place

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By ohgoodgodno
05th Sep 2018 14:37

assuming clients have access to the software, they can set up the feed themselves and not need to give your their online banking details at all

the feeds are only automatic for some banks - any that uses a pin device for online banking needs the code to be refreshed each time, so there is still interaction required from the clients to get the feed imported (albeit easier than getting a CSV off them)

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