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Client authorisation

We cannot log in to Get Authorised by a Client on both our Govt Gateway and "New" ASA.

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We have tried to log into Get Authorised by a Client but keep getting System Error messages on both G Gateway and ASA for the last few days.

G Gateway went in last week but this week all we get are system errors.

Online services have no idea and say they will escalate the problem but could not say how long it would take to get back to us.


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By rmillaree
30th Nov 2021 16:19

this issue has been addressed in at least 4 earlier threads over the last 36 hours or so - summary is its broke

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Replying to rmillaree:
By Tom Cross
30th Nov 2021 16:36

You really couldn't make this stuff up, could you?

Just imagine, civil servants, with absolutely no clue what "service" really means and the lengths that we go to, to provide it.

Can't imagine that this latest fiasco will affect anyone in Whitehall. Just makes us look pillocks and is so, so time-wasting.

Perhaps HMRC could blame Storm Arwen? The Covid-19 excuse is now wearing very thin.

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Replying to Tom Cross:
By lionofludesch
30th Nov 2021 17:00

Tom Cross wrote:

Perhaps HMRC could blame Storm Arwen? The Covid-19 excuse is now wearing very thin.

Covid-19 is only a valid excuse for HMG if it's a valid excuse for everyone else.

Yet it seems that it is not.

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By Leywood
30th Nov 2021 17:05

Does no-one bother reading the posts already on the site before dropping their query on?

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Replying to Leywood:
By ralan
01st Dec 2021 12:05

I did a search but nothing came up

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By matttaxnpayroll
01st Dec 2021 11:17

It's working now

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