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Client ID - BVI partner

Client ID - BVI partner

I have been approached (email via my website) by a potential client asking if I can prepare accounts for a small UK LLP. The work seems very straightforward.

However, one of the partners of the LLP is a British Virgin Isles company. I have no idea how to go about identifying this client and it's beneficial owners for AML purposes. Can anyone give me any pointers ? I have tried Google but with little success.


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10th Dec 2012 17:03

BVI Company Searches

You could pay US $25.95 through BVICompanySearches to get confirmation of the name and number of a BVI company or go straight to the BVI Registry of Corporate Affairs and submit an International Search Form R820 with a fee of US $25.

Finding out the members of the company will cost you a lot more.

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to Dick Stastey
11th Dec 2012 11:17


Thanks Euan. Those search routes are useful but I think I still need to be able to ID the ultimate owners. I don't care about the cost as I will pass it on to the client before I even start the process but I don't have any idea where I can do that. It seems BVI companies are set up to be obscure.

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11th Dec 2012 11:44

I think there are some records @ Cos House. Worth checking by inputting the name.

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