client issues

client issues

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I have a client who is not paying their VAT or PAYE expense. A total of 3 months late.our monthly fee also not paid

The client has signed an engagement letter which states they are responsible for payment to HMRC.

client not answering calls or emails

The VAT return and RTI has been processed by my firm however the client has not provided me with agent code so not authorised to act even though code requested.

Dilemma is this months payroll, if we do not process then the client will get a late RTI penalty. How do we proceed? Just wanted advice from experienced practices out there

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By neileg
27th Feb 2015 10:41

Why bother?

Why should you worry if your client doesn't?

A client who doesn't pay your fees is not a client.

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By andy.partridge
27th Feb 2015 10:51


Send out a 'signed for' letter setting out your position. Sit back and wait.

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By User deleted
27th Feb 2015 11:43

They Pay, You Act

Like Andy says, write and tell them. Until they pay you, you do nothing. If they get fines and penalties because they're paying no-one, tough, it's their problem. If you run a business you have responsibilities. If you had staff and didn't pay them, would they stay and work anyway? No chance. Inform them of the position and then focus on the clients that do pay. And don't do any more work without being paid.

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Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
27th Feb 2015 18:38

What they all said. It's their problem, not yours.

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By birdman
04th Mar 2015 11:33

Just curious, if they aren't responding to your attempts to contact them, how do you know what to put on the payroll?

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Replying to Duggimon:
By balraj
12th May 2015 22:22

Client confirms monthly salary. That is only contact received

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