Client lost GG ID

whats the quickest fix?

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New client got a GG ID formed a company and registered for PAYE; however he has forgotten the ID & Password. What's the quickest solution to overcome this? and transfer the PAYE to the presumably new GG ID?

thanks, Nick

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By Jason Croke
07th Jun 2024 08:22

Client needs to call the HMRC IT helpline, pass security and have a new gateway issued by post or regain access to the one they created.

HMRC take gateways seriously, if your client had asked you if you can help them remember their login for their personal bank account or what their credit card PIN was, your answer is for them to call their bank, nothing you can do unless you want to call clients bank and impersonate them.

Exactly the same with GG's, it's something for the client to resolve.

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By Roland195
07th Jun 2024 09:35

From my experience recently, the quickest fix is probably to form a new company & register it for a new PAYE Reference.

The client is going to have to persevere in contacting the HMRC IT line to have the account reset that then allows for a new Government Gateway to be set up. I am told some have managed this in as little as half an hour...

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By Jason Croke
07th Jun 2024 10:01

Didn't have my contact list to hand when I posted earlier, this is the IT Helpdesk that client needs to call.

0300 200 3600

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By carnmores
07th Jun 2024 14:45

Thanks guys

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