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I'm considering scrapping my company website that I pay a lot of money for each month but that none of my clients read, and since I get all my new business through referrals, I can see little point in having more than a bare minimum on my website. However my clients do (to my surprise) read the monthly and budget newsletters that come with the website. Can anyone recommend a content provider out there that will supply a tax update newsletter as a separate offering to a website? Many thanks

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By rjoconnor81
13th Mar 2018 12:43

We are looking at doing the same, Mercia offer a much cheaper website plug in which might cover your needs.

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By bernard michael
13th Mar 2018 13:26

I gave up my web site a year ago and since have had a steady stream of new clients. In all the years I had the site I can't recall one client that came from it.
Do they work for most people ?

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Replying to bernard michael:
By whatdoyoumeanwashe
13th Mar 2018 14:21

I've had clients come via my website, but without exception the worst clients I have (actually, had).

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By Robert Hurn
13th Mar 2018 16:47

We have been pelased with the client branded Newsletters from PTP and they ahve attracted a large number of new clients over the past year or so see:

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By petersaxton
14th Mar 2018 08:29

Get a simple website with a blog and buy just a newsletter.

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Replying to petersaxton:
By whatdoyoumeanwashe
14th Mar 2018 09:15

Which newsletter would you recommend?

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By whatdoyoumeanwashe
14th Mar 2018 09:18

Thanks everyone. I've been doing a survey with my clients, and I find that none of them use my website other than to access my document portal but almost all of them read the newsletter. Personally I get countless newsletters, e.g from my home insurance provider (who is going to read that?!), so I'm amazed anyone reads any of them....

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
14th Mar 2018 10:49

I've looked at newsletters and obviously the purchased ones were all generic and not relevant to many of my clients - my subbies wouldnt be interested in company tax for example.
All the same text but with different logos.
So for a while I wrote my own. I made it into a 'what I am doing' plus a couple of pages of 'what you should know'. But it became a strain to do with my other work although clients said they enjoyed receiving it.
You can get newletters templates free online.
Every quarter I inserted a (purchased) cartoon making a joke of HMRC on the front page.
Tax Insider were going to do a newsletter production service and I understand that Sarah Bradford is launching a range for purchase.

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Mark Lee 2017
By Mark Lee
16th Mar 2018 10:00

Back to basics
Who is the website for?
Not clients in most cases. But for those people who are recommended and referred to you and who want to check you out. Your Linkedin profile can provide much of what they seek. Beyond that your website can be quite simple.

If you also want your website to attract strangers searching online then it needs to answer the Qs that they are looking for. Absolutely many of them are just looking for a low cost service. Make clear they are not your target and they won't get in touch.

What is the newsletter for?
To remind clients you are there?
That you are on top of current developments?
That you can do more for them they currently need or pay for?
Or to fulfil your desire to feel that you are providing some value by sending them a summary of recent tax and accounting news that they could read elsewhere if they were that interested? Maybe some/all of your client bases would appreciate this. Everyone is different.

If I was still in practice I would choose to send out a unique regular communication that included client case studies and examples of how they have benefitted from my advice and support, practice news that is of relevance to clients and something about what I've been upto too. All intended to help them to see me as more than just someone who completes accounts and tax returns; and to subtly encourage them to appreciate I can do more than this for them too.

If I wasn't comfortable writing this myself I'd engage a local business copywriter to interview me and then write it for me each month/quarter or whatever.

Ps: I think Informanagement may still offer a separate regular newsletter facility.

ps: Some accountants reuse the content of the Tax Advice Network weekly tax updates for clients

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