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Client not submitted previous SA returns?

Potential client, with rental income, has not previously submitted SA returns.

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Was curious to know what others have done when/if they have had potentially a new clients who want them to prepare and submit their self assessment returns for them but they have never done so previously when they should have.  Or maybe even they submitted one the previous year but not before that when they should have.

I have a few clients with rental income, whose excuse is they didnt know they had to submit returns and now they want to.  (Not that I believe them).  Naturally I want to take on these clients as I would like to build up a client base, but should I be wary of anything?  Possible future issues?

Opinions and thoughts would be welcome.

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By Rammstein1
21st Jul 2020 14:45

If they have liabilities, the let property campaign disclosure is a good place to start.

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Replying to Rammstein1:
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By Kevin Kavanagh
21st Jul 2020 14:55

I agree with Rammstein, that's probably the easiest solution. Certainly if you're aware of potential lost tax as a result of undeclared income you need either to persuade your new client(s) to sort it out or consider your own position re e.g. an SAR.

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By Southwestbeancounter
21st Jul 2020 14:55

I took on a husband and wife in the same position and submitted three years' tax returns for them both in May which have just this week been 'agreed' with no penalties (so far), just interest for the relevant years being added.

The clients had already contacted HMRC themselves to advise that they needed to complete SATRs when they came to me via a mutual connection.

I agree with Rammstein1 - if you are going to register them yourself then the property campaign disclosure definitely seems like a good starting place.

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By CazzyT
22nd Jul 2020 11:50

I agree.
We have used the let property campaign a number of times for those people "who didn't realise they had to tell anyone"

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