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Client Onboarding for Consultancy

Which CRM best when doing adhoc client consultancy work rather than ongoing bookkeeping/accountancy?

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I've been trawling historic posts around CRMs and done a lot of browsing of websites for Senta, Accounting Manager, Practice Ignition etc but still at a loss as to what to use!

Is there anyone else out there as a sole practitioner running more as a virtual FD/consultant type business rather than bookkeeping/accountancy?

As a sole practioner, I don't need to know what my staff are up to, nor am I chasing clients for data to do VAT returns.  However, I do want to be able to:

- Send quotes/proposals/ICAEW LoE through an online portal that they can then e-sign

- Complete KYC/AML checks, requesting client uploads documents to a tool, for example

Is this an easy request for one of these systems or will I need to stick to manual process, scanning documents and saving on my cloud drive?

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By Moonbeam
02nd Aug 2020 21:20

Could be cheapest to use different systems for each of these. I only have about 20 clients (and no staff) and I use Iris Open Space, and another site for MLR, and so on.

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By janelm
03rd Aug 2020 10:06

I've been using IRIS OpenSpace for a couple of years, and veriphy (for KYC checks) for much longer.
Due to the completely appalling/lack of/confusing communications from IRIS OpenSpace, and after reviewing information in a variety of forums round the web, I started a trial of MyDocSafe two days ago. So far its functionality blows IRIS away completely and makes OpenSpace look like an afterthought bolt-on (though tbf OpenSpace has been free of charge until Nov last year, or, this month, depending on which person you're talking to).

Veriphy has always been excellent, I am waiting to hear about pricing from MyDocSafe for ID checks before making any decisions, but it is very appealing bringing these together in one system, together with secure forms that can form a workflow to do all the client onboarding process smoothly and semi-automatically.

(Re IRIS OS: Last Nov2019 they made me sign a 14 month for price of 12 contract at a set price. They've never invoiced me. In June they warned that approval-charges-per-document would come in July. My 'customer service manager' said (on phone) these wouldn't apply to me as I was on the annual contract and he'd sort out the invoice. Chased for his confirmation in writing 3 weeks ago, no reply. Last week an autoresponse when I chased him. His colleague didn't call back on Friday. The approval-per-document charges are now live on the system if I want to send anything else to a client, contrary to what I was told. I never minded about them bringing in charges but no-one can tell me what I have to pay or what it will cover, or when they might next change them. I have spent way too much time trying to figure this out for what should be a straightforward fee for a service.)

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