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Client PAYE liability

"payments not reflecting properly on Agent Services account"

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Checked one of my PAYE clients yesterday having had a reminder about non payment.

Client has 2 employees with another on SMP so PAYE liability according to payroll is just £7.40. According to HMRC it is £464.00.

Here's the reply I received from HMRC:

"Thank you for contacting the Digital Customer Support Team for assistance.

We are aware of an issue where payments are not reflecting correctly on the Agent Services account.  We are investigating this but in the meantime please contact HMRC's Employer helpline for the latest position on your account.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused"

Just thought I'd make people aware

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By bernard michael
13th Aug 2019 10:16

No point in talking to them they'll have the wrong information. The PAYE account system is full of errors, which HMRC do not accept as being caused by them

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By SteveHa
13th Aug 2019 11:33

I would never trust payment information on PAYE online. It makes no sense whatsoever, and the payment allocations make no sense at all.

To make matters worse, you can ring the employer helpline, and whilst you are both sat looking at what should be the same data, HMRC see something completely different from you.

Oh, but it's RTI and working wonderfully according to the detritus the publicity machine comes out with.

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Replying to SteveHa:
Hallerud at Easter
13th Aug 2019 14:18

The HMRC PAYE/NI payment allocation system is akin to completing a 3D sudoku puzzle in one's head.

The best way to retain one's sanity is just complete your reconciliation in say excel and ignore what the HMRC screens say, once you start tracking payments and their division on their system you are doomed.

The other hint is , do not pay HMRC early, we pay salaries mid month, if we pay HMRC at same time on say 15th August they can get into a right tizz trying to allocate to month ending 5th August rather than 5th September.

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14th Aug 2019 12:39

Given up with HMRC and their records. Also under the "payments made" its in calendar years - not tax years.
And quarterly allocations are even worse as they make futile assessment as what is due month by month which bears no reality as to whatever is due. Why quarterly allocation cant be shown as quarterly I have no idea. Beggars belief that if they cant get what is essentially a simple process - payments made and allocated correctly -correct then what hope is there for anything else.

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Replying to NYB:
By Paul Hawes
14th Aug 2019 14:47

The best part is when they don't allocate some of the payment to the PAYE liability and so the amount in the payment section doesn't actually match what was paid.

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