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We have had a new client in recently needed to register as self-employed and did not know how. She came in for a meeting and using my laptop in the meeting room I talked her through how to set up a Gateway account. The registration was hers, the email and mobile were hers and I dont know any of her passwords- but we did it on my laptop which I use for accessing our agent gateway. I was basically just there to "hold her hand" as she was not confident in the process.  Due to an address annomily ( she has just moved) she has received a message saying the application has been rejected but the email she has received says " Your client has not been registered". I have tried to ring HMRC Online Services to see why their system appears to think it is an agents account but ironically their phone lines are shut due to technical difficulties!!!!!!!!!  What have I done wrong or am I just being an IT dinosaur?


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By Paul Crowley
24th Apr 2023 16:52

Your laptop identifies you
Partnerships of three or more had issues claiming SEISS if they all used the same IP address.

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Hugo Fair
24th Apr 2023 17:51

Yup, they keep chopping & changing their 'security' procedures ... but when I was last involved in discussions, the tech bods within the Treasury (who drive all this) were definitely still capturing the IP address from whatever device was used to submit anything.

There are lots of holes (both potential & actual) in this approach, but my advice for now would be to not 'share' devices (even when using different access methods).

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By Matrix
24th Apr 2023 16:53

If it is a new client you can register her through your agent account. I would do that now. Maybe you were logged in. Maybe you will never know.

One of the reasons the self-employed have accountants is so that they don’t have to deal with HMRC themselves (as far as possible). Although some became very able at SEISS time :)

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