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Can anyone recommend a good cost effective portal with e-signing for a small practice?

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Last year I signed up for Digita's Onvio client portal, after 2 x 3hr training sessions and a problem integrating with the rest of Digita I am just bamboozled by it - I am looking for a simple solution with e-signing and enough storage to drop copies of accounts, tax returns and payslips in for clients. Does anyone have any suggestions that they are really happy with?

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By James Green
25th Mar 2019 22:44

Openspace from Iris.

The first Gb of data is free. It’s then £5 for each additional Gb

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
26th Mar 2019 08:53

I have looked at these things and thing its just far too much hassle for the end client, so ditched the idea and stuck with post for old school clients and email for the majority.

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By Mr_awol
26th Mar 2019 09:57

I don't think Onvio is actually finished yet - I remember them launching it (three?) years ago and it still doesn't feel like they know where they are going with it. They seem to know that they want the whole suite in the cloud and they want client logins and e-signatures but by including all future development under the 'onvio' branding it just leaves me confused about the product.

As for using this technology in a small practice, I suppose that depends on your current systems and composition. I've picked up clients from other firms because they don't like e-signing, portals, etc, and lots of negative feedback when I've floated the idea with my client base. I've had one person whinge that we don't offer it.

We will almost certainly move to it at some point but for now I'm resisting because it would slow us down (we have admin staff so it's quicker for fee earners to get someone to put a physical pack together than it is to create an electronic one themselves) and it would [***] some clients off - or, more likely, we would have to end up with some sort of half arsed hybrid system based on client preferences.

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By Crouchy
26th Mar 2019 10:00

another vote for Openspace, free for most small practices and pretty easy to use

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By mg200
26th Mar 2019 10:01

How about Adobe.

If you are viewing client accounts in pdf anyway then you can add Adobe Sign and send for signature. I pay about £10 a year but I think the pricing may have gone up now.

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By accountantccole
26th Mar 2019 12:50

Use OpenSpace where I am now and it seems fairly easy, although we had to write user notes for clients.

DocuSign was used at my old firm, seemed slightly more straight forward.

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Replying to accountantccole:
By Cheshire
26th Mar 2019 13:33

I set up OpenSpace an age ago and never got round to using it - sure it said that even the 1gb was no longer free, although I may be dreaming (or perhaps just having MTD nightmares!)

I thought of using myself to 'test' it to see what my clients will get, as my lot are even more a bunch of technophobes than I am so hand holding is always required. Unless I can be cheeky - would you mind perhaps sharing your user notes?

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By iandc6
27th Mar 2019 09:47

Hi @martinf81 - I'm the product manager for Onvio Client Centre. I'd be happy to talk you through the product and answer any questions you might have. I can also share news on imminent updates.

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By mbee1
27th Mar 2019 10:44

We've just migrated to Onvio and the more I use it the more I like it. The integration with Practice Management didn't go as smoothly as planned but the people at Digita were extremely helpful. We haven't used e-signing yet and may put that on hold for a year whilst we continue to get used to it but, I must say, I'm impressed.

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By TaxAngel
11th Apr 2019 12:35

I've struggled with Onvio for three years now and am about to throw the towel in and move elsewhere. It has been and still is anything but user friendly. Promised improvements take months and years to arrive. It is dreadful with e-signing because you cannot dictate where the signed documents are filed. The only e-documents I can send have to be prepared on Cute pdf writer rather than Microsoft. The system sends out numerous emails (including when documents are moved between folders) which really winds up clients. I could not recommend as a practical and flexible system for a small practice. Oh, and only about a third of my clients are happy with it. Some loathe it.

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