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Client refunds.

.. before I spend all this afternoon on the phone...

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Can anyone give an update as to what HMRC are currently saying about when refunds are going to be made?

From previous comments it was 7 July - that has now passed and I see that we are being told November.

I'm getting texted every day by some CIS refund clients desperate for the refunds

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By doubletrouble
13th Jul 2021 11:16

The ones I had outstanding have all come through now, although I did have to phone for each one so they could send to the referral team, not sure if that made the difference or they had just gradually worked their way around to them.

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By vinylnobbynobbs
13th Jul 2021 13:01

I submitted an R40 in May. "When can I expect a reply" (I am suprised it did not say Never!) has told me November.

I have therefore told all of my clients to pay the second payment on account in January.

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By legerman
13th Jul 2021 13:41

If it's in relation to the ones not captured, I phoned them on 6th July (the date they had given me previously, and all she could say was they were processing them as fast as they could but there was no date for completion.

I would advise client to complain to their MP if they are reliant on their rebate.

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By Lozange
14th Jul 2021 09:48

I have had the same issue with returns submitted in May that have CIS refunds. I called HMRC after the 5th July as I was told that's when the returns would finally be processed and it's now being pushed to November.

I was first told it's because of the high number of submissions, there was too many for the system to capture at once. Now they've said they had so many returns with incorrect SEISS, they now have to check each one manually!

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By JB101
14th Jul 2021 10:02

Why not let your clients phone HMRC themselves to chase their refunds?
I find this a great solution because:
a) They get to understand why we can't magic the repayments instantly.
b) I don't spend all afternoon on the phone to HMRC.
c) I don't spend all morning dealing with clients chasing refunds!

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Replying to JB101:
16th Jul 2021 13:21

The reason I have against doing that, is that the client can then ask that the refund be made direct to themselves. Even though you may have your bank details down for the payment the client can override that.

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By coleprice
16th Jul 2021 13:04

Submitted CIS repayment claim 30 June. Spoke to HMRC this morning for payment date estimate. Was told 25 August "at the latest".

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Replying to coleprice:
All Paul Accountants in Leeds
By paulinleeds
16th Jul 2021 14:03

I was told that they hoped to do this now by 31 October and NOT to ring back for an update before then.

I submitted a Self Employed CIS labourer including SEISS grant on a tax return on 12 May 2021.

I rang HMRC on 2 June to ask why the Tax Return was not showing as processed.

I was told that the Tax Return had not been 'captured' due to an 'HMRC IT problem'.

I was told that HMRC would review the position by 9 June and then they would process the tax refund.

The client rang HMRC himself on 22 June and was told that it would be dealt with by 5 July.

I rang HMRC on 16 July to ask why the Tax Return had still not been processed.

I was told that HMRC needed to check 'every submitted Tax Return to check that the SEISS grant had been correct processed'. I was told that they hoped to do this by 31 October and NOT to ring back for an update before then.

I protested and explained that the tax refund amounts to £1,699 and this amounted to more than a month’s net pay for this individual. It also amounted to nearly two of the SEISS grant amounts

I was told that the operator at H M Revenue & Customs could do nothing more for me.

I asked for the matter to be prioritised due to severe cash flow issues by the client, through no fault of my client.

I explained that I was aware that some unrepresented taxpayers had incorrectly completed their tax returns. They had put the grant in the wrong box or combined it with total business turnover. This is a widely reported issue.

However, I explained that I was a qualified accountant who had correctly completed the tax return on behalf of the client and that this return should be processed. With Self Assessment, it is a submit Tax Return now and check any issues later.

In my opinion, H M Revenue & Customs should process all tax returns submitted by authorised tax agents (accountants) as these should have been correctly processed by experienced accountants and tax advisers. HMRC know who has submitted a tax return i.e. a client through their own online account or through an agent account.

I asked the operator to speak to a manager to make a complaint. The operator was not able to put me through to anybody as everybody was engaged. I was told that I would have to wait until the following Tuesday (today being Friday) before anybody at H M Revenue & Customs would ring me back.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
17th Jul 2021 11:44

Well... I made myself a mug of strong coffee and rang HMRC yesterday. Not too long waiting for once.

And I was told the same as you have been - not before the end of Oct.

It is no use in complaining to the person on the end of the phone or even the manager - they are only saying what they have been told to say.

This needs to go higher up the chain.

Come Monday I'm going to make a formal complaint via my Institute - I suggest that each of you who have clients in this situation do the same.

PS>>> in answer to JB01's comment about getting clients to ring... done that... they got no where either. I phoned as in my innocence I thought that my having a moan would add to the numbers of complaints - put some pressure on.
And anyway some of my clients arent allowed to make 'personal' calls whilst on site .

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By frankmcd
18th Jul 2021 12:10

Whilst not SA, about a month ago, I had four CT cases awaiting long-overdue repayments. On a recommendation on this site I emailed a complaint direct to Jim Harra directly at [email protected]. Within 48 hours I received acknowledgments from the Ministerial Correspondence Team, Solicitor's Office and Legal Services, 100 Parliament Street and all four repayments were in my clients' bank accounts within ten business days. Might be worth a try on SA cases as well. I currently do not have any SA cases that I need to try this with.

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All Paul Accountants in Leeds
By paulinleeds
24th Jul 2021 14:08

Further to my reply of 16th Jul 2021 (above), I raised a complaint. This was directly through the agent helpline though I could have used the normal Self Assessment helpline.

Once I asked to raise the matter, it was passed to a manager who had to pass me to somebody else to make a formal complaint.

I received a phone call back within a couple of days. I clarified the complaint.

Two days later, I received a reply from the complaints handler by telephone who confirmed that they had pulled my client’s Tax Return out of the queue of uncaptured tax returns, had processed it, (it then appeared on the normal agent portal as processed) and the return repayment is now waiting to be processed in a few days’ time.

I even agreed that they would cover 1 hours wasted time at my usual charge out rate for me continuously ringing them being told various states which in turn will put back. I have to bill my client and the fee charged will go to the client who'll have to pay me.

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