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Client registered for VAT in error.

Client registered for VAT in error. UK turnover well below £85K USA To takes total over £85

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Registration was believed to be compulsory as total turnover exceeded £85K.

Misunderstanding of 'outside scope' & zero rated. Sales are services and minimal input VAT involved.

Is it posible to cancel the registration as opposed to de-registering


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By Matrix
23rd Sep 2019 19:36

Were you involved?

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By spidersong
24th Sep 2019 08:39

How long have they been registered and have they submitted any returns?

If the answer to the second is yes then no chance.

If this is almost immediate then you may have some scope as there are presumably material errors on the application form that you may be able to use, but I wouldn't be betting the farm on it.

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By lionofludesch
24th Sep 2019 10:27

I'd give it a go because you've nothing to lose but whether you're successful will depend on factors you don't disclose and - more importantly - who deals with your request in the HMRC office.

Good luck.

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By CJaneH
24th Sep 2019 13:42

Unfortunately I was the culprit.

No returns yet submitted.

Wish me luck.

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By CJaneH
26th Sep 2019 11:46

Failed in attempt to 'cancel registration' made in error. Can only de-register so VAT has to be accounted for from 1st August registration until de-registration processed by HMRC.

Have to wait 25 minutes each time I phoned to talk to any one.

Got chap with strong foreign accent which did not help me at all as my hearing is not to good.

Took a lot of effort to get him to understand that I wanted to know if possible to treat if registration never took place.

I still do not know if it would be possible. I think I got the same chap three times.

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By fawltybasil2575
26th Sep 2019 13:52

@ CJaneH (OP).

Importantly, what proportion of the Outputs, from 1 August 2019 to date, related to customers who would be themselves able to recover the VAT?

A few (estimated) figures, for SR, ZR. Exempt, OTS outputs would help ascertain whether it is beneficial (and, if not, cost-effective) to pursue the "rejection", please [both (i) up to 31 July 2019 and (ii) from 1 August 2019 to date.



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