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Client selling business

Client selling business

Many of us will be aware of the rule of thumb valuation rates for an accountancy practice or fee block and who the main brokers are in the market.

However, I have a client with a property management buiness and I need some idea of the general rule of thumb rates in that market or details of specialist brokers.

Like with accountancy there is a significant proportion of recurring fee. The price and terms my client has been offered are noticeably less favourable than they would be for an accountancy practise.

Any ideas?

David James


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By frauke
23rd Nov 2006 15:16

Business valuations
A business is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.

With accountancy practices, clients don't move around as much, so the fee income projections are more reliable.

I don't know of any specialist brokers, but if you do a internet search - there are a few companies out there that "sell businesses".

That may be a good starting point, if no one else can make other suggestions.

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