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Client trying to authorise us for Mtd VAT

Client signed up, link sent, being asked to verify business account with passport not working

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Our client has a business tax gateway account, has signed up for MTD VAT, can log into that account and all is fine, no issues.  We have a Agent Services account and have generated the link for them to authorise us as we have done with plenty of others, no issues.  When client clicks link to accept us they are being asked to verify their identity by supplying a passport or driving licence number - they are a Limited company.  It doesn't ask them to do that when they log into the account, just when accepting our link.

Has anyone come across this before and if so how to deal with it?  My client has tried using their personal information and it is being rejected.  I have read online that they might need to verify their identitiy in order to accept our authorisation and the client has tried using their own passport but it is just being rejected.  How should they verify a business account?  


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By rmillaree
18th Jan 2022 16:54

i do have a couple of suggestions though which you may not need

I would always default to the client using fresh clean browser if browser 1 fails - there is the danger if client has recently logged into different gateway that it could be diverting to that gateway - dont know why it would asking for id if that was the case though so dont think thats the answer but worth trying.

Presuming you have old skool agent account too presumably client can simply add you in as agent from their gateway into you old gateway and client will be in your asa automatically - presuming that option is still available

must admit generally i still apply for pincodes in old gateway as route 1 and ask client to add us in as route 2 - the fancy new one is obviously gonna be the weak link in the chain innit.

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