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Client uses personal card to pay business costs

How do you treat the benefits that the card provider gives to client?

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A ltd co. client has two directors who set up the ltd co. about 10 months ago. 

When they started the business, they used their personal credit cards as working capital to pay the business expenses as they nor the business had any cash and there was no business bank account. 

However, the business is now profitable and has its own bank account but the directors still use their cards to pay some expenses specifically on the Facebook and Google accounts for media spending (adverts, PPC etc) as these accounts were set up in the begining and they haven't changed the cards on the accounts. 

The thing is, they spent approximately £300k at Facebook and Google during their first 10 months and expect to continue at this level going forward. This was all paid for on their personal cards which they repay from the company almost immediately. The business is invoiced directly by FB and Google. The directors have Amex cards and I am not too sure what benefits they have on these cards - Avios points etc, but if they do have benefits how shold these be treated?

I am sure due to the level of spend that they would be substantial benefits if the particular card has them. Before I speak to them, I just want to check if there is anything to be aware of.



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By Accountant A
15th Jun 2020 20:17


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By lionofludesch
26th May 2020 15:36

I think it's fine.

Though the directors probably need to be aware that there might be increases in accountancy costs for tracing through which transactions are business or private.

Sounds highly error prone to me.

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