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AAT Licensed Accountant
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Client with an IVA

Client with an IVA

I have a client who entered into an IVA arrangement at the end of 2011.

I am now endeavouring (Yes I know it is late for SA filing) to prepare the client's Accounts for the year ended 28 February 2011.  Some difficulty is being experienced in preparing a verified list of creditors at that date - the client's records are not all that brillant, but some figures can be produced.  However, he doesn't seem to have the suppliers' statements. I have suggested that we write to all of the suppliers for relevant details - but No he doesn't want to do that as "they will not want to co-operate".

I have also asked, on a number of occassions, for details of the IVA scheme administrator, and for the administrator to be put in touch with me. I am still waiting.

The client says that he has asked the administrator to let me have a list of the creditors.


I have now told the client that I will not issue a set of Accounts unless I am certain of the facts contained therein. 

As this is the first time I have had to deal with a case involving an IVA, I would appreciate any guidance that can be given.

Thank you.


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By UK Tax
27th Feb 2012 17:29

Insolvency register

Try searching here :

Non-appearance on this register might indicate either a phantom IVA, or a tardy Supervisor.

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