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I'm the first to moan but some clients are just amazing, they're well mannered, they get things in on time, they aren’t too demanding, the pay a reasonable fee and they get you multiple decent referrals a year, damn I feel like I should be paying them not the other way around. 

If I scaled back to my top 10% life would be pretty damn good, which is a nice thought for the future.

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By Paul Crowley
04th Jan 2021 15:22

With me
Happy with top 90%

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By AC71
04th Jan 2021 16:16

Happy with my top 90% too. As I've grown over the years to almost the size I want working by myself I've become choosy who I take on! Or if I misjudge and they become a PITA I disengage "due to a change in my business structure"

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Replying to AC71:
By Truthsayer
04th Jan 2021 23:21

I also disengage PITA clients, but I just tell them they're not worth the trouble!

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
04th Jan 2021 15:54

Well my aim has been to cultivate those clients.

And cull the rest. "I only deal with nice people" has been my mantra for a long time, and I cant say its true, but its a good aim.

I had less than 15 client emails in my inbox this morning, which is little more than a normal bankholiday weekend, and thats since about noon on Xmas eve and all of them seem to realise I was not at work until today.

And 3 of those were from the same client who I almost sacked last year. Yup its a last minute panic SA return from a straggler now chasing me around. Doh.
That said had a stack in today, but thats fair enough first day back.

Down to sub 30 returns by end of Jan, 10 of which are really easy ones (director only, over £100k income etc 3 line ones), and another 10 not in and I couldnt care less about as they have ignored me so I assume are "no shows"

Actually agreed to 2 more this morning due to them coming with a limited company.

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
05th Jan 2021 11:22

The comfortable life you describe seems to contrast with your response at the end of this thread?

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Replying to Arthur Putey:
By Slim
05th Jan 2021 15:28

I very much stand by my earlier comments.

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