Clients disappeared from HMRC Agents View

Clients disappeared from HMRC Agents View

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Dear all,

Signed two clients(a ltd co. & self-employed) and requested the 64-8 authority via online facility. Both the clients handed in the password which I entered via my agents access.  The new clients were added as expected, however, the following day when I logged in, both of them disappeared.  Reported this to HMRC who gave a reference and it's been 2 days with no response.

Did anyone of you experience this before or is it something new ?



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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
03rd Oct 2011 16:20

I have lost one too..

A longstanding client who this year is not on the list. Never happened before. Rather than try to converse with HMRC I'll submit a 'new' on line agent request.

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By SteveOH
03rd Oct 2011 18:20

This does happen occasionally

I have had existing clients disappear and have also had clients not appear at all 24 hours after submitting the online authorisation code.

I just phone the online help desk and they are very helpful. It does take a few days sometimes for them to sort the situation out. But get sorted it does.

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