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Clients disappearing from our HMRC online client list - anyone else experience this?

Clients disappearing from our HMRC online...

Has anyone else experienced situations where a 64-8 has been submitted, the client actually DOES make it onto the HMRC agent client list, stays there for a few years, then suddenly for no reason and without explanation is removed?

It seems to happen to us fairly regularly ... maybe once a month we end up completing new forms 64-8 to get the agent status reinstated.

We have just noticed it with a client today (corporation tax) and on phoning HMRC they won't speak to us as they say we aren't agents! We have explained that we are and have definitely been viewing the client's details online for years. They deny this and say we have to submit a new 64-8 and if we want to we can make a complaint.


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23rd Jul 2012 12:26

Not quite!

There was a time when we had clients disappear from our onlist list and a call to the Online helpdesk got them reinstated (eventually). It hasn't happened recently though.

I don't think we have ever had our agent authority removed.

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23rd Jul 2012 13:08


And not only that, I've deleted clients and got rid of them off my screen, only for them to suddenly reappear weeks or months later.

This from the bunch of IT rogues who have the bare face to tell the country they can take their payroll data every month and process it efficiently and if required get net pay going to all the right employee bank accounts.

lesson 1 at Kindergarten - makes sure you can do the easy peasy stuff before going on to the hard lessons.  Maybe every HMRC IT person needs a term back in Year 1 with the 5 year olds.

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23rd Jul 2012 13:18

Disappearing clients

Yes ...I wrote on here earlier in the year that I had clients with a valid 64-8 and on the Longbenton Data Base but not for HMR&C Online filing,,I wrote to Longbenton and they forwarded it to the IT people and all bar ONE are now on the Online List...just takes time !!

We are used to everything taking a lot of time I think..

Ive got nothing else to do !!!!!!!

I am very pleased I farmed my payroll clients out last year!!

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23rd Jul 2012 15:09

Deleting ex clients

I have given up trying to delete ex clients, as however many times I try they won't go away!

One did restart self employment, however, so there can be an upside.


And don't get me started on repayment claims that vanish without trace!


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By Monsoon
23rd Jul 2012 16:41


This has happened to me on numerous occasions.

Agent line "Yes you need to speak to [other number]"

Other number "We don't have authorisation for you."

Agent line: "No, we don't have authorisation for you" But I was speaking to you about Mr Jones only 10 minutes ago!


We now get 64-8 forms in duplicate. As and when HMRC lose us, we have another one ready to go.

It's silly.

Oh, and I use the delete client functionality on HMRC online and it is hit and miss whether it works, but it does often work (eventually).

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