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Clients "Jumping up and down"

Has anyone ever witnessed this bizarre behaviour?

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As a humble wage slave, I regulalry find myself confronted by the need to have some tax work done urgently (or "ASAP"), because the client is "jumping up and down" for it.

I have never witnessed this phenomonen  first hand, but hear about it often.

Have any Awebbers witnessed this bizarre behaviour of a client "jumping up and down"? 

Did you feel intiimated, or feel the need to beat your chest in response?

Is there something in the water that business owners drink which causes such eratic behaviour? 

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By SteveHa
16th Aug 2019 09:41

I used to have a couple of trampoline acrobat clients. They tended to jump up and down a lot.

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Replying to SteveHa:
By Tax Dragon
16th Aug 2019 09:54

I posit that technically they jumped up and fell down.

I don't doubt that they fell with style.

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By Nebs
23rd Aug 2019 10:26

They would have jumped down at the end of their act.

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16th Aug 2019 09:49

We had one client many years ago when I was an audit manager that literally jumped up and down sometimes when he did not get what he wanted and also threatened to beat up audit juniors. He was basically a coward that tried to get his own way by intimidating people.

He once tried to threaten me. I calmly told him where he can shove his threats and walked out. He was livid. By the time I got back to the office I was taken off that audit whichj was a good result for me as no one in the office liked to work for that client.

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By JasonDennis
16th Aug 2019 10:56

Every year, The wife of one of my clients claims her husband was "flying round the room" after receiving a letter from HMRC and every year, I calmly point out it was the usual CT600 notice to complete a return which he would have received for the last 15 years.

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Replying to JasonDennis:
By gainsborough
16th Aug 2019 11:09

JasonDennis wrote:

Every year, The wife of one of my clients claims her husband was "flying round the room" after receiving a letter from HMRC and every year, I calmly point out it was the usual CT600 notice to complete a return which he would have received for the last 15 years.

The wife's name was Lois Lane though, so the statement could have been true.

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By TaxTeddy
16th Aug 2019 11:20

I have developed a technique for this type of client but I also recommend it as a good strategy to adopt for all clients in December / January.

"I have your data on my desk and you are now 37th** in the queue - so I'll get back to you as soon as I can"

** Insert number of your choice

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
16th Aug 2019 11:51

Dunno, but my kids have been squirming around on chairs during the summer holidays, and complaining of an itchy bottom, and I have given them both worming tablets.

Maybe your client needs some of them?

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By frankfx
16th Aug 2019 13:00

It is because they are wired to their Fitbit or other activity tracker.

Jumping up scores 1

Bumping down 1

If the actions were to cancel out score-wise

....Like debits and credits in a trial balance ... where accountants get their activity highs ...

They would not bother.

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By SXGuy
16th Aug 2019 13:04

Not jumping up and down as such, but I did have a funny one last week.
Client emails wages over, asks me to prepare them asap as they are going away and want to pay their staff before they go.

Notice an error with the hours and rate of pay so call to find out, client says, I cant check right now im too busy.

To which I reply, well im off in an hour so its up to you.

So its ok to demand something is done yesterday, but when theres a query they are to busy to check it? sorry doesn't quite work that way!

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By The Innkeeper
16th Aug 2019 14:02

Along time ago I took a pair of shoes into the menders and was asked when did i want them. I replied yesterday and at the speed of light he responded 'well you should have brought them in the day before'. Sinmilar scenario me thinks

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Replying to The Innkeeper:
By Duggimon
16th Aug 2019 16:02

If only he could have gone faster than the speed of light he could have given you them yesterday.

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By itp33asso
20th Aug 2019 11:54

Jumping up and down is a sign of a healthy heart – – or an imminent cardiac arrest

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By LostinSuspense
22nd Aug 2019 16:33

A friend of mine worked in a trampoline park.

They encouraged their clients to keep jumping up and down all the time in their workplace.

I have dealt with clients who expect immediate responses historically, fortunately most of them have been reasonable polite about asking.

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Replying to LostinSuspense:
By Tax Dragon
22nd Aug 2019 16:52

He who laughs last...

See the first reply.

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By indomitable
23rd Aug 2019 11:30

many business owners just don't value their accountants coupled with the me, me, me culture where everyone thinks their time is more important than everyone else's means some people act like this.

1) Don't take it personally
2) Give them deadlines and stick to them, so tell them if we don't get everything by a certain date we CANNOT file their returns by the deadline and they will be fined.
3) If they 'jump up and down', advise them if we observe this behaviour again they will have to go elsewhere.
4) Get rid of them if they play up again.

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By paddy55
23rd Aug 2019 13:01

I would suggest that sometimes one of the reasons clients "jump up and down" is to create a rush scenario and so get their work done in the least possible time. Clients are aware that time is the major factor in arriving at their fee.

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By sosleepy
23rd Aug 2019 13:14

I've never observed the jumping, but it seems to be common for London/Essex folk to turn around any time they're about to say something. I'm not sure if it's a full rotation each time or if they tend to converse with their backs to each other.

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