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Cloud Accounts With Project Analysis Functionality

I meed a reasonably priced cloud accounting package with flexible project analysis functionality

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I am looking to transfer a client from a spreadsheet based accounting system to a proprietary cloud based system. The system's functionality requirements are quite basic and generic with the exception that the nominal ledger needs to be able to analyse a specified range of sales and cost codes (probably a maximum of  40 different nominal codes) by project. Each project should be able to be set up with a number of attributes (type of project, project leader, client etc up to at least 6 attributes) which are able to be reported on. Project set-up needs to be simple and intuitive as there can be up to 100 projects per annum.

The client is a consultancy and is in a position to adapt, within reason, internal procedures and roles to suit the chosen system as staff changes due to retirement will accompany the system change. We are not looking for complex project management functionality as that is all taken care of - it is just a good, flexible nominal ledger project based reporting ability we need.

The more we can achieve without having to download reports offline to be manipulated, the better.

Has anyone any ideas of suitable packages I could be looking at?

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By D V Fields
05th Jan 2022 12:54

Unfortunately you are probably going to struggle getting a reasonably priced one to do all you want. What you want is clearly not unreasonable but many systems fail to provide this and when they claim to do so the reality is somewhat different. Some try to make up for their deficiencies by offering you “costing only” transactions when you know it has been badly thought through (if at all).
I gave up looking a good few years’ ago because a simple question like “how to I get a basic project report” from it couldn’t be demonstrated; one even suggested using API’s!

You may need to go for a more expensive offering otherwise may be very disappointed. Best of luck though.

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By williams lester accountants
05th Jan 2022 13:06

Have you looked at Xledger?

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By raybackler
06th Jan 2022 09:30

Liberty Accounts allow all transactions to be analysed by branch. I use the branch code as a project code for construction industry clients. P&L and transaction reports can be run by branch. See I have been a user since 2004.

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accountant in london
By Accountant in London
06th Jan 2022 09:31

I would suggest Quickfile, it's free up to 1,000 ledger entries. then its £45+ VAT per year. Bank feeds are £15 + VAT per year.
You can analyse the data project-wise and add cost codes (tags). As an accountant, I personally use the codes/tags for sales. Although sales can be grouped into different ledger accounts like non-UK sales, one-off sales, etc, I add the country project tag to each sales invoice, so I get additional data of which county the sale was made to. It is very helpful for PI insurance purposes.

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By Aqilla Cloud Accounting
06th Jan 2022 09:43

You should take a look at Aqilla, it can easily handle the required levels of analysis along with excellent project account all as standard

Aqilla is a mid-market, “designed for Cloud”, Accounting / Postmodern ERP solution that sits above the well-known entry-level SME products such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage. It has the capabilities of products like SunSystems (Infor FMS), SAP Business One, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Intacct and many others but at a fraction of the complexity and cost

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By Brend201
06th Jan 2022 09:58

It would be worth looking at AccountsIQ. It's probably a mid-range system rather than aimed at very small businesses. They definitely have the exact functionality required. I am a user but we use only basic functionality with low volumes (for historical reasons) so I cannot speak for the relevant features. It used to be offered at a lower cost but they are now trying to push the prices up. In fairness to them, this may be because their functionality to price ratio was much better than the alternatives.

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
06th Jan 2022 10:48

Netsuite though expensive will do all this as this level of project analysis was one of the reasons we chose it (when I had a proper job in industry)

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itassolutions logo
06th Jan 2022 13:49

Whilst not a small accounting package like Xero, Sage intacct has both a multi -dimensional nominal and a project tracking option that isn't full projects it just opens up the projects dimension in the nominal which makes its more affordable for small consultancies. You can then use the custom fields/dimension groups to do some really good project reporting without having to go for the full solution. You may also just be able to use the class dimension as well is part of core which makes it even cheaper. With both options you can also store statistical data too i.e. no. of projects etc. Worth having a look or just reach out to myself direct if you would like a quick chat about costings etc. Hope this helps! Hannah

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By weeton1
07th Jan 2022 09:39

Thanks to everyone who has responded. I now have a diverse list of products to look at, some of which I was not aware of, to complement the ones that I already planned to investigate.

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