Cloud Based Bureau Payroll Software

Cloud Based Bureau Payroll Software

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Hi , can anyone recommend best cloud based payroll Bureau software?  We manage circa 100 payrolls and would like to migrate to cloud.  However costs seem expensive 


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By In a Daze
01st Mar 2020 13:43

We use my PAYE and link it up with Deputy. Depending on your clients needs Freeagent could be a option as payroll is included in the price.

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By jcace
01st Mar 2020 19:32

I would certainly recommend BrightPay and their Connect facility that enables employees to login in and update their details as well as accessing their payslips, letters and other records from the cloud. Great facility and a great piece of software that is constantly improving, updating and innovating.

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By SteveHa
02nd Mar 2020 09:02

Whilst not contradicting any answers already given, pertinent information would be size of payrolls. If any are large employers then your options may be more limited.

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Replying to SteveHa:
By matttaxnpayroll
06th Mar 2020 10:01

Agreed, it very much depends on what your payrolls are like. Just to add another name to the list, I'd recommend IRIS payroll professional (formerly Star). Not the cheapest by any means, but very comprehensive, with great support.

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By cne333
05th Mar 2020 09:53

A bit left-field but: Payroll Manager hosted online (e.g. by works well.

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By indomitable
05th Mar 2020 09:57

am Trialing BrightPay at the moment and I must say looks good

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By Charlie Carne
05th Mar 2020 10:43

Try which is fully featured and totally in the cloud. Pricing for bureaus is approx £1.70 per payslip (perhaps less with bulk discounts).

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
06th Mar 2020 13:58

Another Vote for My Paye Ltd -Joined up with ELDECKs for HR. They are the original true Cloud Payroll Bureau. I cannot recommend them highly enough we have been using them for years. The costs drop through a partnership based on the number of employees in total for all clients and start at £1 per employee. I would give them a ring and they integrate with Xero.

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By Slim Freddie
09th Mar 2020 15:12

Although it is not cloud based, Brightpay is excellent and worth a look. We have shared access via Dropbox which gives us some cloud flexibility.

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