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Cloud based payroll

Cloud based payroll

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Can anyone recommend a reasonable standalone cloud based payroll that would work for a restaurant or bar.  I have a client that wants the software to produce not only the usual payslip but also a running total on holiday entitlement and, more importatnly, to show the times & days worked.  When I search with these criteria the results all seem to point towards the type of timesheet for employees of a business like an accoutnancy firm, those are not the type of timesheets I need. 

I would be grateful for any recommendations.

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By Livepay
09th May 2017 16:29

Not 100% sure I can say this on here but we offer cloud based payroll.

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09th May 2017 19:35

Have you looked at Brightpay as they have a cloud option. I don't use that option it but I have seen in its write up mentioning holidays etc. Their normal payroll is excellent so should inaginevtheir zcloudvoption works well

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
09th May 2017 21:34

There is a specialist system called Fourth that deals with the hospitality sector but maybe a bit more than you are looking for.

Deals from clocking in to labour rate compared to revenue.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By WillowTree
15th May 2017 14:06

Appalling response from Fourth so far. Put me on to their dept that would d/w a small client like ours and the person I spoke to only dealt with support, not finance. And she had no idea of the sales number, just told me to google it! The only other numbers on there were mobiles that went to VM. No thank you.

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By andybailey
29th Jun 2017 22:56

If you haven't found an answer yet then take a look at Citrus HR. It doesn't do full payroll yet but does link with other applications such as Xero that you can run the payroll through.

If that doesn't work for you then please feel free to contact me for help. At Octopus Blue we specialise in finding the right business software for you. We offer a complimentary call to help understand your requirements and identify the gaps.

Andy Bailey
CEO Octopus Blue

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