Cloud based UK payroll system for large bureaus

Which payroll systems are suitable for 500+ UK clients with CIS, API capability and full data access

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I'm looking at the martket to find a Cloud based payroll system suited to large payroll bureaux with 500+ clients and unlimited headcount that includes the following:

  • CIS
  • Article 5 net of foreign tax credit relief
  • Direct access to all data to enable reporting via BI reporting tools 
  • API compatibility with client HR and T&A systems
  • Real time view of the status of all client payrolls
  • Batch processing of transactions across multiple client payrolls 
  • Pension auto enrolment functionality

What systems are other payroll bureaux using or planning to move to, and are there any recommendations you can make.

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John Toon
By John Toon
27th Mar 2024 14:41

I've no idea what article 5 is but in terms of cloud based bureau software that is well regarded you're looking at the following:
Employment Hero, Paycircle, Staffology (maybe)

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Replying to johnt27:
By Mark Sherwood
27th Mar 2024 14:59

Thanks John. Yes they're in scope. Keen to hear the pros and cons and what other systems might be suitable but appreciate there will be a small list specific to the large payroll bureau community.

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Replying to Mark Sherwood:
John Toon
By John Toon
27th Mar 2024 15:33

There's a ton of alternatives both on-prem and cloud depending on what you fancy but you can find most of the usual suspects via a Google search.

Pros and cons are difficult to list easily too and some are subjective. Much better to give each system a thorough trial and see what fits best.

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Jennie Gillam
By Jennie Gillam
27th Mar 2024 15:37

Hi Mark

Whilst it's not suitable for your particular needs right now (we don't have Article 5 available), I would like to add in FreshPay to the list of well thought of cloud payroll software providers for bureaus. It's been developed by payroll professionals specifically for bureaus.

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By PompeyJim
28th Mar 2024 12:20

We are using Freshpay with around 100 clients, works great for us and support is fantastic. Definitely one for you to have a look at.

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Replying to PompeyJim:
By Mark Sherwood
28th Mar 2024 12:57

Thanks Jim

Always good to see software designed by actual users.

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