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Cloud bookkeeping with "price per customer"

QuickBooks desktop allowed different prices for different customers - which Cloud software does?

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Hello All,

I was originally a QuickBooks desktop user but now tend to use QuickBooks Online (QBO), with the odd client on Xero or SAGE. One client is still on QB desktop and we really need to move to the Cloud. However QBO does not allow different prices to be allocated to different customers and that is a show-stopper for this client. In QB desktop they have many different prices for the same product, including multi-currency prices, which can then be added as a default for a specific customer. SAGE seems to allow up to 10 and of course there are 'work-arounds' in many products. Has anyone else already solved the same issue, as I can only bear so many fruitless demos!

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By Crouchy
18th Feb 2021 13:15

QBO is guff, a very poor imitation of the desktop software

take a look at clearbooks

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By johnt27
19th Feb 2021 10:38

To do this in cloud you'd need to look at a connected app for variable customer pricing

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