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Cloud Payroll Software

Cloud Payroll Software

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Hi - can anyone advise what is considered the best Cloud Based Payroll Software / Payroll Bureau - up to 100 staff - or alternatively best desktop Payroll Software



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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
04th Jun 2021 10:00

99% of recommendations will be for either BrightPay or Moneysoft’s Payroll Manager.

Personally, I use the latter as I you see the situation for every pay period, can easily carry forward pay details to every month, change them in advance & easy to amend past returns etc. Only real downside is that there’s no client portal (although I wouldn’t use that function anyway).

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
By Slim
04th Jun 2021 10:43

"I use the latter as I you see the situation for every pay period"

Yep another major plus

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By mbee1
04th Jun 2021 10:08

Brightpay for me. Looking forward to the cloud based option.

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By tltodman
04th Jun 2021 11:19

Thumbs up for Moneysoft here

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04th Jun 2021 12:07

As you can see its Brightpay or Moneysoft. We all have our reasons for prefering one to another. I personally use Brightpay. And as mentioned a full Cloud version is being worked on for a release hopefully next April

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By Thomas654654
05th Jun 2021 11:44

Moneysoft vote here. Looks like it was made in the 90s but it's good and flexible

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By Counting numbers
10th Jun 2021 21:28

BrightPay is fantastic and well priced.

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By Brunel
13th Jun 2021 14:44

We just migrated after years on Moneysoft to BrightPay.
The clinchers for us were the data in the cloud for home working and backups, and the portal with integrated data requests/approvals and no more uploading payslips.
And it looks like modern software.
Hope I haven't started a war.

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