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Cloud payroll software for bureaux

We're looking for recommendations for cloud payroll software for our small bureau.

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We run a small payroll bureau as one of our services.  For years we have enthused over our server-based payroll software (remotely hosted).  And if we wanted to change to another server based software we know that there is terrific enthusiasm for two players (which we have trialled in the past when we liked server-based software)

But, our roadmap is to move 100% to cloud software, so we're now on a quest to find a really good cloud payroll software (note that I repeated 'cloud' so that it's clear we're not talking about non-cloud hosted applications.

And it's not just great software we're looking for.  The vendor needs to be solid with good support.

So, we'd be really grateful for any suggestions.  Huge thanks in advance.


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11th Feb 2019 13:33

there ain't any with possible exception of Payroo ! I've been looking for a while :-( your best best probably remains a hosted desktop version for now .

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12th Feb 2019 15:01

Have you considered using payroll software that can be networked by a Cloud app such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive for example. We use Brightpay and network in this way and it works well.

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12th Feb 2019 15:28

@ Carnmores - Thanks for the Payroo suggestion. We 'inherited' it last year for one client but it's too basic. Couldn't wait to migrate it to our current system.

@ Slim Freddie - We could easliy accommodate Brightpay on our current hosted system. But as I explained in my post, we are looking for a cloud solution without the need for installed software.

Since posting, I've come accross these:

Accentra Primo Payroll - looks well established
PayCircle - New last year, so limited track record, but good reviews from users
KeyPay - new to the UK, although well established globally

Any users of these out there?

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to peter.wood100
12th Feb 2019 16:27

yes I had heard that about Payroo but thought it might be getting better. Payroll is my last non cloud app , I like the look of paycircle and will probably trial it for one company before the year end

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