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Cloud practice software recommendations please!

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We are a small, fairly new practice, dealing mostly with personal tax (100 clients), and a small amount of companies (approx 10).

We have gotten to the point where we need some practice management software, that we can also produce accounts and tax returns on. My boss wants it to be completely cloud based.  We currently use Sage Personal Tax and Sage Accounts Production, but my boss isn't keen on them.

Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated! 

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By Eightisthemagicno
11th Jun 2020 12:05

I think Capium looks good, would be interested if anyone has experience of this... I have used Digita previously, but I did find it a bit clunky, and is not cloud-based anyway.

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By daniel_
09th Jun 2020 11:50

We used to use Sage accounts production and Sage Taxation.

Taxfiler is a good replacement for Sage Taxation. It's fully cloud based. It can also be used to prepare accounts and does have some limited practice management tools.

It's faster at preparing the accounts compared with Sage AP, especially for ixbrl tagging. The drawback is less customisation when compared with Sage.

In Sage AP you post journals to the sage nominal ledger to make the final accounts. In Taxfiler it only takes the final TB as an input. If you're used to posting journals and adjustments as part of your accounts prep software then you would have to find another way to do this bit. Lots of people here use VT Transaction+ to do this part. When the TB is final you can copy and paste it into TF to prepare the report. VT isn't cloud based but it's easy to keep the datasets saved in Onedrive or similar to get around this.

TF has some limited practice management tools (keeping track of deadlines and job progress etc). If you need more features then you could use a separate system like AccountancyManager.

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Replying to daniel_:
By Pkaccts
11th Jun 2020 11:02


We used to use Sage accounts production and Sage Taxation.

Taxfiler is a good replacement for Sage Taxation.

I currently use Sage Personal & Partnership taxation and Sage MTD filer and have been looking closely at Taxfiler as an alternative ( much cheaper ) have used the demo account and all seems good, so was very interested to read your view, seems to good to be true is where I am at with it ??

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By kevbrownuk
10th Jun 2020 21:43

Speak to your account manager at Sage and get them to sign you up to a trial of Sage Personal Tax Online & Sage Final Accounts Online.

Both 100% cloud based products. cost £240 pa each which allows you to run unlimited client returns through each.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
11th Jun 2020 00:20

Don't limit your choice and include Windows Virtual Desktop, your computer in the cloud!

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By BirdnCo
11th Jun 2020 10:56

BTC software has it all and prices are stepped, so good for a small user who then grows.

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By Rgab1947
11th Jun 2020 11:03

Just moved from Digita to Capium. Literally this week. But played with it and it looks fine. Needs some further work but as a small practice features are fine.

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11th Jun 2020 11:41

I am a small, sole practitioner and have been using Taxfiler for both accounts and tax returns since February. Having come from a large firm that used Iris it took some adjustment to how Taxfiler worked but overall I am happy with it and for the price I cannot complain.

It is lacking a decent PM function though but I manage fine with spreadsheets maintained alongside Taxfiler.

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By pauljohnston
11th Jun 2020 11:42

TaxFiler owned by Iris

Development of the tax and accounting software has slowed why is a pity

but a present gets me vote

We use it with Senta - mind blowingly adapaptable

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
11th Jun 2020 11:58

Taxcalc have been promoting their cloud offering over the last couple of weeks. Basic practice management built in, add-ons available at a cost.

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