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Co Sec software for < 30 companies?

Any recommendations?

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Looking at using BTC Co Sec software or similar for this can anyone recommend please from independent experience? Looks reasonably priced and efficient from the demo but looking for any first-hand pros and cons please, or recommend any other similar software. Thanks

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By SteveOH
08th Jan 2021 12:07

I've been using Inform Direct for years and cannot fault it. You will need to check on the current pricing.

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By johnt27
08th Jan 2021 16:05

Inform Direct every day of the week. Not worth even considering anyone else!

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By DKB-Sheffield
08th Jan 2021 17:26

Another vote for Inform Direct. Love it and live the cosrlt! Plus... it is cloud based!

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
08th Jan 2021 22:58

Without sounding like the band wagon ... we started using InformDirect a few years ago and love it.

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