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Coding Notices

Coding Notices

I've just been copied in from my client a letter from the local office telling her that they are going to change her tax code to include her dividend income, UNLESS she contacts them to say she doesn't want it.

Firstly they didn't bother writing to me, her authorised agent.

Secondly her income last year was PAYE 5k, benefits in kind 2k and Dividends 67k Gross.

How are they going to code out 15k of tax from a 5k salary?

I think the assumption stinks, surely only people with minimal dividends income would ever want the tax coded out, and I think the lack of courtesy in not bothering to inform me is even worse.

Rant over, letter of complaint on the way to the area director.
Ian Clark


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28th Feb 2006 20:33

Why not send complaint to David Varney??
I normally address my complaints direct to the Chairman of Revenue & Customs:

Sir David Varney
4C 01
100 Parliament Street

Get a far quicker and more positive response than sending it to the usual 'jobsworths'. Varney (or more likely his correspondence secretary) will, no doubt, send it to the appropriate person to deal with, but it will then get taken very seriously!!!!

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