Colleague in desk drawers...

Colleague in desk drawers...

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Further to the "snorting employee" post, any ideas on how to deal with a colleague who goes into my desk drawers to get labels and paper clips and the like, when I am actually sitting at my desk? They are a relatively new employee and I have been showing them some aspects of how to do their job. It is really my own fault for not stopping them when they started doing it, but now it really irritates me and I'm not sure of the most painless way to deal with it other than to just tell them to stop and use their own drawers! I hate any kind of confrontation, especially since we have to sit next to each other.

Any diplomatic ideas?

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By thisistibi
15th Feb 2011 10:50


If you know it is stationery he/she is after, you could grab a load of stationery from the supply cupboard and put it in his/her drawers, and say "here you go, I thought I should get you your own supply - no need to raid my drawers anymore!" (in a joking way of course)....

Or, you could take them on a visit to the stationery cupboard themselves and say "take what you need for YOUR drawers"....

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By Steve Holloway
15th Feb 2011 11:16

Or ....

puposefully and forcefully slam the drawer shut repeatedly on his hand. Problem gone.

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By andypartridge
15th Feb 2011 11:32

I prefer Steve's solution

That would make it obviously a Health & Safety issue which you would have a duty to refer to senior management.

-- Kind regards Andy

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By pembo
15th Feb 2011 12:46

snort a problem

like Steves suggestion but agree you could end up in hot do however need to knock this on the head and its not being confrontational at all just quietly assertive (recommend Dale Carnegie)...interesting you refer to "a colleague" but then use the plural not singular..?...if a guy could be he just fancies you..come to think of it could be if a gal I suppose ?..either way just get him/her on their own smile very sweetly and point out that now they know the ropes it may be the time to ensure they have their own supply of these things in their own desk to avoid having to disturb both of you..

If that doesn't work then you slam the drawer or staple their hand to it....

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By RFox
15th Feb 2011 14:38

Try this

Move all your stationery into your colleague's drawer and start doing the same. 

 Failing this I see no alternative but, for you to take your employer to the indistrial tribuneral and seek damages. Any reason will do.

£1.1million sounds about right based on what the city bankers normally go for. Go for £3m and settle on £1.1m this way both parties are happy.

Have you thaught of hiring a hitman? I did once, as I write this from Wandsworth prison


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By User deleted
15th Feb 2011 15:10

Do they know where to get stationery from?

Could it be that this newbie doesn't really know where to get supplies from and therefore thinks its easier / less scary to raid your desk drawers? Why not, next time it happens, say something like 'I keep meaning to show you where the stationery is kept, lets go and get you your own supply now', one newbie with ample supplies of their own, you with your sanity retained safely.

Failing that a good strong mousetrap should deter unwanted visitors!

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Image is of a pin up style woman in a red dress with some of her skirt caught in the filing cabinet. She looks surprised.
By Monsoon
15th Feb 2011 15:18

Much... I like Steve's suggestion, I think Flash Gordon has it right :)

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By Cirius di Lemma
15th Feb 2011 15:32

I'd give my right arm...

... to have somebody fumbling in my drawers. Assuming they're suitably feminine, nubile and big-busted obviously.

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By Richard Willis
15th Feb 2011 18:45

Push all your stuff to the back of the drawer

and bury a couple of set mousetraps in the heap!

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