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Collection agency

Collection agency


After 2 years in practice I've got my first non-payer.  The total outstanding is £660.  I was just wondering if anyone had used debt collection services, and if they had been good or bad experiences?  Is there a certain level of debt below which it is not economic to chase via a debt collector?

I've already disengaged the client, and told her that the disengagement doesn't forgive the outstanding debt. To which I've obviously had no reply.

To be honest I doubt there's much money in the client's company to actually pay the debt, so not sure if it is even worthwhile, but would like to hear people's war stories anyway.



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22nd Feb 2016 15:35

Small claims court.

Incorporate a directors guarantee into your LoE.

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22nd Feb 2016 16:38

Thomas Higgins are cheap and efficient debt collectors

However I suggest you use the online court service - Money Claims Online - easy to use and works very well 

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22nd Feb 2016 20:25

Small Claims Court

I too have just had my first non payer (they dont usually dare on pain of death!) but this one is a particular case. I'm in the process of using the SMC. Got as far as both agreeing to mediate so we'll see what happens next. I wont be reducing my fee claim tho.

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