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Come on, HMRC!

Why is it taking so long to process 2016 ITR's?

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We cannot currently print some 2016 TYO's as any forms filed after 25th Jan have not yet been allocated to our online system.  HMRC can view and discuss so the work has obviously been done, they are just taking their sweet time letting us have access!  This happened last year...

 Why is it an issue and is anyone else in the same boat?   I have a couple of clients waiting for prints for mortgage purposes - grr.


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14th Feb 2017 09:29

I assume that you use HMRC software rather than a commercial offering, and since HMRC stuff is free (and developed by HMRC) don't expect miracles.

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By Shorty
to SteLacca
14th Feb 2017 17:04

Nope, we use Digita and suffered a similar thing last year (for those Returns filed in the last few days before the deadline.) As I said HMRC have their view their end but it does not appear to correspond with our list...
Check the forms that you submitted say from 27th Jan onwards (if you have any!) to the online account and see if you have any down as 'not received.'
It impacts on work towards the Feb surcharge listing as well...

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to Shorty
14th Feb 2017 22:16

I'll take a look tomorrow. Whatever the outcome, I have acknowledgements, both in Digita and by email, so no issues either way.

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to SteLacca
15th Feb 2017 09:27

Just checked. All SATRs filed 31/1 are showing as received and tax payable recorded on SA Online.

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27th Feb 2017 10:54

Dare I say, you get what you pay for. I agree with @SteLacca.

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By Shorty
14th Feb 2017 17:05

Edited as reply above.

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