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Comments on Draft Legislation Financial Bill 2019?

Need to understand your views on Draft Legislation for Financial Bill 2019

Didn't find your answer?

We're collating Accountant comments on the draft legislation for financial bill 2019.
These will be collated and published with citation on [removed link drop - moderator]


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By Cheshire
29th Jul 2018 01:01

Why not get the information you need from the Accountancy practice you are a director of?

You of those who comes highly recommended on the chekin website, a business also owned by you. Or ask those other 5 or 6 Accountants/pa company who already list on there.

You are just using folk on here for your own advertising ends.

Reminds me of the abattoir friendly amazing Accountant who was recently on here who did nothing but ask random daft questions.

Oh look that's me having a mini rant again.

Wouldn't have minded quite so much if you had bothered to thank those who answered your last random daft question. Nor indeed if this subject hadn't already been covered this month.

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Replying to Cheshire:
Chekin - Find an Accountant in the UK
By Chekin
29th Jul 2018 22:46

Hi Cheshire,
-I'm not here 24*7. I do whats best for me and my business, while trying to stay 100% transparent. Both of us know how business works - connections and relationships. he who pays, gets the goods ( as transparently advised/advertised/published on the website)
- My point of view is already published a week ago. But we do like to focus on continuous learning and therefore deliver the continuous improved value to our clients. Understanding others point of view is super critical to improving our understanding of the subject, and helping others read them and choose for themselves.
Reiterating from my answer on a previous question:
The bigger picture is to understand pain points and solving them then to resorting to petty tactics to build traffic.
I hope this clarifies.

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Replying to Chekin:
By Cheshire
29th Jul 2018 23:50

0% transparent. You don't state how you verify and vet. You don't show you have an interest on one of those supposedly verified and vetted businesses. You list a handful of seemingly participating accountants if that.

But when someone does a postcode search then hundreds of Accountants pop up, some with wrong information clearly obtained from Google (how do I know this, because I know the parties involved with incorrect information).

Fine, do what you want with your business, but this is not a free advertising ground for it. You don't see anyone else doing that, never mind several totally meaningless posts in one night.

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