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Common client questions for a trainee accountant?

Trainee accountant looking to build confidence on how to answer client questions well

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I am a trainee accountant in the UK wanting to improve my knowledge so I can answer client questions with confidence.

Could you please just give me some general areas to read up on and examples of common client questions so I can feel more confident in my ability to give advice. A recent client question example being 'how can I withdraw money from my business most tax efficiently?' I have now read all about this area and believe I can confidently answer if asked again.

I am looking for similar specific areas/questions an accountant is expected to give excellent advice on, and areas I am likely to be asked questions on from clients in the future. 

I am just looking to learn and develop as much as I can.

Many thanks 


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Replying to I'msorryIhaven'taclue:
By Kaylee100
15th Jan 2021 20:53

Yes, indeed, thats a situation you always need to be aware of when advising the client, rather than using your proactivity internally.

I never gave them the sheets! Just used the analysis to inform my conversation.

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By Refs1
16th Jan 2021 18:44

Joining this debate quite late.

A couple of questions I ask for new clients or ones I have not dealt with before “are tell me a bit more about your business” and “how did you get started”. You often find clients especially the small ones find accounting and tax a chore, just showing an interest in what they doing is a great ice breaker and they love to tell you more.

After 30 years in practice I often tell clients I don’t no the answer or there is someone with better knowledge in my firm or we need a specialist to help.

Good luck with your journey tough year to start but keep going.

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Replying to Refs1:
By Gd338
16th Jan 2021 19:10

Thanks for that will take it on board.

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